Ron Morecraft creates images combining his 50+ years of experience as a photographer with new technology and ancient principles. Ron's passion is to capture beauty and light, and to share his work in an affordable way. His pictures range from traditional photographs to images that are so painterly, people can't believe they began as photos. Ron gives each concept its proper treatment: an autumn landscape becomes an impressionist painting using Corel Painter and creating every brushstroke you see on the canvas. Another landscape reveals a kaleidoscope of color; the result of Ron's 30 years of experimenting with shooting images directly through a WWII tank periscope prism. His understanding of light and the laws of physics make even un-retouched photos appear like an artist's illustration. Ron often blends images into photo montages, evoking frescoes and paintings from the old masters. Because his technique is seamless, you never know "how" the picture was taken, only that it expresses Ron's love of beauty.